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Pacific Grove Purples

Pacific Grove Purples

It was cold and windy at my house yesterday, but about 40 miles south in Pacific Grove, the sun was shining brilliantly on the purple wildflowers. Tipped off by a friend, I took the trusty Olympus camera and a fully-charged battery and headed down Highway 1. By the time I got there, the drippy rain had stopped before it really got started and it turned out to be a perfect day for a cliff walk.

Here’s the link to the Pacific Grove Walk on my website, where you can click on Play Slideshow and enjoy all the beauty without having to take a single step. ┬áThis is the first of what I plan as several virtual walks to share my favorite places with a wider audience. Enjoy!


Wooden flower

Today’s flower practice was a bit too challenging, as it was cold and windy, so I had trouble staying still and so did the flowers. Every shot I took ended up with at least some of the flowers being out of focus and I was a bit annoyed by that. I gave up and went inside the Thai restaurant, where it was much warmer, and waited for my friend to show up.

I looked over at the table next to my wooden bench and, aha, there was a flower. So I played around with perspective and lighting and ended up liking this one the best.

It’s not a real flower, but it was real practice for me in my current quest for decent photos


The plant that got attacked repeatedly by snails and slugs, despite my best efforts to protect it, finally won the battle and produced a gorgeous flower this week. I’m taking it as a lesson from nature to never give up, even when the battles are long and difficult and it looks like you might never win.