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Pacific Grove Purples

Pacific Grove Purples

It was cold and windy at my house yesterday, but about 40 miles south in Pacific Grove, the sun was shining brilliantly on the purple wildflowers. Tipped off by a friend, I took the trusty Olympus camera and a fully-charged battery and headed down Highway 1. By the time I got there, the drippy rain had stopped before it really got started and it turned out to be a perfect day for a cliff walk.

Here’s the link to the Pacific Grove Walk on my website, where you can click on Play Slideshow and enjoy all the beauty without having to take a single step. ┬áThis is the first of what I plan as several virtual walks to share my favorite places with a wider audience. Enjoy!


Wilder Ranch Run

It was warm and sunny, muddy and fun today at Wilder. I was inspired to drive over there (yay for working from home) as it is part of the Santa Cruz Half-Marathon course that I did last year and my nephew and I have signed up for this year (April 10).

I took along the pocket camera (Nikon, of course) to see if I could get some good shots of Wilder Ranch views for my photo business (

Taking photos is a good way to break up a run and combine two things in the same window of time. And working a split shift today meant I had the time in the middle of the day, so I used it wisely.

Sunset view

It’s been one of those weeks, with today being “one of those days” when getting out of bed was just the first in a long series of things that could have gone the other way and that other way would have been preferable to the way it did go. We’re in pre-beta mode on my project and setting up the beta site has been a test of wills, luck, and fortitude. What was supposed to be done by end of day Monday is still not done as of end of day Wednesday (or “EOD Wed” as people write it). Classic situation of “one step forward, two steps back” or at least it feels that way.

After escaping from the office and fighting surprisingly heavy traffic for a 7PM drive home, I took a right instead of straight off the road home to spend a few minutes on the cliff overlooking my home beaches, Rio Del Mar and Seacliff. It was almost sunset, the air was cooling down, and the colors of the sky, the sound of the surf, relaxed me in a way nothing else can. I love where I live.

Peace in a picture

Another long day at work in a week of long days. Instead of escaping for home at 5PM, I had one more meeting and didn’t get out of the building until 6:30PM. I drove home and changed into my running clothes to get at least a mile in, keeping the summer streak alive. On the way out the door, I grabbed the camera because I could tell it was pretty close to sunset, the way the light was hitting the tops of the trees across the street from my house. I made it down to the beach in time to catch the last bit of sunset and the dusky sky in transition from bright summer’s day to midnight hues. Peace.

Dive, Dive, Dive

Another evening run, another 10 minute-stop to watch the pelicans gliding above the sardine pool, then hovering before they dive straight down to get their dinner.

It’s an amazing thing to watch and even harder to catch with a camera, at least the little one I run with. (It is kind of hard to run with a DSLR, that body is way too big for holding in one hand.) I took a couple dozen shots tonight and liked this one the best because it’s the first time I’ve ever caught a pelly as he was stretched out in dive position just above the surface of the water. It shows how flexible they are, first to hover in mid-air and be able to look down and spot the prey, then transform themselves into speeding bullets with pin-point accuracy.

Did you know pelicans have air sacs just beneath their skin that help them surface quickly after a dive. Yes, they do! And they can sight a fish in water from 50 feet high or more. Amazing bird, the pelican!