NaNoWriMo Day 26: 43,534 words

It’s coming down to the wire now, close but not yet close enough to think my plot lines will converge and provide a decent first draft and 50,000 words. I’ve got things hanging out all over and am still being surprised by the twists and turns of my ever-growing cast. My loose ends are bedeviling me, but consistency isn’t the point of a first draft. Getting the story written down and hoping it has “good bones” at the end of the month is the goal.

Today’s excerpt:

The escape didn’t work quite the way Susie and her support team had planned it. The ideal outcome had been to spirit mother and child out through a series of handoffs, from laundry basket to stairwells to little-used hallways, with badged employees providing access at each point, then out into the parking lot to a waiting van, and from there to freedom. Susie had trusted the few coworkers involved in the scheme, all of them sympathetic to the child whose life would never be even close to normal if she remained a captive at The Institute. But one of those co-workers must have turned against the rest, Susie thought, as loud alarms sounded and the emergency lighting activated, signaling a code red in terms that no one could miss. Mayree and Hazel ran for their lives, following their latest guide across the parking lot.



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