NaNoWriMo Day 25: 41,875 words

It was a day of constant writing, off and on between skype with the family in SoCal, dog-sitting across town, and a session with a Dungeness crab for dinner. I was feeling so worried about being way behind on my word count so I sat down this morning and actually plotted out where my characters were and how they were related to each other. Yes, I was surprised by a few things that seemed quite obvious as I did that, the clarity helping me see where the threads should go from here. Then I set to work writing, writing, writing. Set an all-time World Record for me in NaNoWriMo: 7400 words in one day! Now I’m all caught up (at least till midnight, when another day starts) and can enjoy a momentary victory as I slowly uncurl my fingers from their locked-at-the-keyboard position.

Today’s excerpt:

Ray saw the lab technician look at him and he tried not to panic but he could feel it rising up from his gut into his throat, threatening to choke him. He looked around to see if he could find a way out but the guards were clearly blocking the two doors in and out of the room. The only move left was a desperate one but he’d take it, he thought, because he just might survive to live another day. He screwed up his courage, tensed his muscles, and mentally counted down from 10. When he hit zero, he pushed off from the chair and flew across the room before anyone, least of all the guards, could react. He was through the plate glass window seconds later, the glass crashing outward in the explosion.

Had Ray been a smarter man, he would have led the collision with his shoulder, but instead, he went head-first through the window, giving him a head injury that killed him before he hit the ground. Using the shoulder, he might have survived the fall but he hadn’t thought it through, panic had been the driving factor in his rash, and ultimately, fatal decision.


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