NaNoWriMo Day 18: 25,100 words

A few days late, but I’m at the halfway point of the word count war. Woo-hoo! In the middle of yet another crazy-long, stressed-out workday, I decided to go in a completely different direction and wrote about a new character, a writer frustrated with her plot and story (hmm, wonder where I got that idea).

I realized after about a page that this writer was an integral part of the plot. My first plot, and all the writing from Day 1 till now, is really just a subplot of this character. Who knew? I sure didn’t, not till just today. And that, my friends, is why NaNoWriMo is such fun amid the stress and the challenge: because I never know what will come out when I start writing.

Today’s excerpt:

Maybe I need some fresh air. Maybe I need a run, she thought, feeling guilty that she wasn’t already back in the chair, pulled up to the desk, hunched over the keyboard. She had so little time to write these days, her telecommuting job as a sales manager taking up most of her waking hours. Hell, she hadn’t even finished unpacking and she had moved into that house almost a year ago. Except for her daily run and the occasional walk to catch the sunset on the water, she didn’t venture out much. She still didn’t know the names of the few neighbors on her little street although she waved at them if they passed her driveway while she was pulling weeds or something like that. She wasn’t unfriendly, exactly, she was just reserved, as she put it to herself more than once as she wondered why she didn’t know more people. And she was really concentrating on being a writer and that took discipline and focus, so she didn’t have time to just idly chat with people or spend time learning their names, their kids’ names, and even the names of the dogs.

And speaking of writing, shouldn’t you be doing that? Her conscience jolted her back to reality from the daydreaming state was becoming so proficient at. It was hard some days, and this was one of them, to keep focused on her story. Honestly, she wasn’t sure this story was worth all the work but it was hers and she was determined not to quit in the middle just because she had been struck with a serious case of writer’s block.


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