NaNoWriMo Day 14: 20,030 words

Woo-hoo, made it over the 20K mark! Tomorrow marks the halfway point of the 50K exercise time-wise, and for me, I’ll still be behind the curve but making steady progress anyways. Most creative writing place today? In the parking garage at the start of the half-marathon, waiting for the race start. I had to be at the garage by 5:15 AM before the streets closed at the start area, but the race itself wouldn’t begin till 7AM. So I tucked the laptop in my bag and got about 800 words done between bathroom runs and last-minute carbs and water loading.

Today’s excerpt:

What is it? Speak up, it’s just the two of us, the old man said quietly. He had felt from the very first meeting that this young man had potential. He certainly showed more intelligence than most, and that was a start, the old man told himself. Not often you meet anyone who wants to read these books or even pay attention to something other than one of those blasted sim programs. So he waited patiently while the young man next to him sorted out his thoughts.

The sun shone through the green leaves, and the man enjoyed the idea of warmth and spring even though he knew the leaves were not real and the light was generated by a field high above them. He liked the idea that perhaps they were just two men on a bench in a park in the middle of a city enjoying a moment together, kindred souls united by a love of reading. Perhaps they also shared a love of truth, but that had not yet been established. He would have to be patient and see where things went.


2 responses to “NaNoWriMo Day 14: 20,030 words

  1. Good day, way to go! A half marathon & writing such a cool story! Way to go, Sid!

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