NaNoWriMo Day 13: 18,030 words

No great inspiration today, but at least I had the discipline (or the guilt, take your pick) to sit down and write enough to feel like I’m still moving forward. The story is kind of going sideways at this point. I thought I knew where it was going to go, but I am being proven wrong by my own words. Tomorrow is a half-marathon, so I’ll have plenty of time to think about plot lines and the finer points of character consistency, both of which my story is going to need in order to hang together at least a bit.

Today’s excerpt:

Is this the girl? The director asked the question to no one in particular, sure that the correct person would simply answer him without needing to be acknowledged. The director had been in charge for a very long time and was used to such power. He no longer bothered to learn the names of his staff or who had been there for how long. They were simply resources for him to use (and sometimes abuse) in his management of the hospital and its associated research facility. It was that research facility, and the problems with it, that had brought the director to this room and the little girl. Someone had run the standard medical tests when she was brought in and the results had been flagged in the lab computers, quickly working their way up to the attention of the director himself. Now he was here to see the girl for himself, quite sure of his course of action if she appeared to be able to survive her current injuries.

Yes, sir, she was brought in a few hours ago with a head wound and some cuts and scratches, the doctor answered.

A head wound? How bad? The director was furious at the thought that what might be a precious commodity had been damaged in any way. What a loss that would be, after the years of searching and waiting for test results like hers. She simply could not die, he would not allow it.

He realized the doctor had been talking for a few minutes, trying to answer his question about the girl’s state of health. It didn’t matter, he decided, she was too valuable to them to waste time with details like that.

I want her moved to the East Ward immediately, he ordered.

The doctor started to protest. She shouldn’t be moved until we…

The director cut him off with a look. The East Ward. Now.


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