NaNoWriMo Day 11: 16,424 words

A banner day here at NaNoWriMo day 11: an unexpected set of word sprints with fellow insane person via Gmail chat (thanks, Kristi!) got me over 3600 words for the day and recovered some of the word count backlog I had. I’m still behind, just not as much as I was yesterday.

Today’s excerpt:

HIs one shining memory of childhood was the orange. One small perfect orange, sitting in the middle of the dirt road that led from school to the trailer, just waiting for him to walk by. At least that’s what it felt like whenever he relived the moment in his memory. He remembered walking home, hungry as usual, the skies darkening with rain clouds overhead. He was looking down, scuffing his shoes in the dirt as he walked, a habit that always made his mother cross as she reminded him how difficult it was to find shoes of any kind so he’d better take better care of the ones he had now.

A beam of sunlight broke through the clouds, a thin light dancing down on the dirt road, highlighting the dust motes hanging in the air. Then, there it was, the orange.



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