NaNoWriMo Day 10: 12,750 words

I’m behind, thanks to a head cold thing yesterday that hung around just enough today to sap my energy. Finally felt too guilty not writing so I scribbled something that probably won’t stay in past the first draft, but, hey, it counts for wordage this month. Not really in love with anything I wrote, but for consistency’s sake, here’s today’s passage:

After a few months, she started to grow tired of him and he grew tired as well of playing the game that had served him so well up to that point. As they drifted apart, she helped him find the odd acting job or voiceover part. He did have a wonderful speaking voice, low, rich, and with a timbre that made women turn their heads to see who was speaking. He wasn’t much of an actor, as it turned out, but he was good at reading lines with a measure of emtion and playing the supporting roles suited his talents well. It paid the bills she no longer did, enabling him to keep up with the expenses of his new life. After all, it was a damn sight better than digging ditches or ekeing out food from parched earth.



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