NaNoWrimo Day 8: 12,070 words

Had a nerdy write-in, attempting to increase word count after a too-long day at work, exacerbated by a traffic-filled drive down from San Francisco this morning. How nerdy was the write-in? Someone from my running list (email-based list) who I have never actually met in person and I connected on FB to confirm the write-in, then moved to Gmail chat to do our word sprints: 10 minutes of furious writing/typing, followed by a break, then 15 min, break, 10 minutes, and done. Got over 1300 words done that way, short of the goal 1667, but my brain is fried enough that I’m gonna call it a day. It’s starting to look like Thanksgiving weekend will be the only way I’m going to finish 50K words this month: four days of writing without the distractions of work and commuting. Today’s excerpt:

He plugged the sim chip into the player and watched as the room changed around him into two sets of snow-covered hillside, bordering a wide swatch of white. It took him a minute to realize that the white thing was a river, frozen over due to the cold. He was from a place where it never got cold enough to snow or freeze water so this would be a new experience for him. A sim, he corrected himself as he slipped into the sim world, this is just a sim.

He watched as a tall scarecrow of a man pushed a boat out onto the ice and started pulling on various ropes. Suddenly a huge swath of canvas unfurled, catching the breeze, and almost jerking the man off his feet. Grabbing onto the side of the boat, the man jumped into the boat, furiously tugging on more ropes to gain control of the unwieldy craft. WIthin a minute, the boat was flying down the ice toward a lighthouse as the sim filled in the sensation of a cold breeze across his face. Almost despite himself, the man was enjoying the sensation of sailing that the sim offered. Sailing on ice, he thought to himself. So far, nothing more exciting than that. He shifted in his seat, stretching out his legs, and preparing for a long stretch of sim history about someplace called the Hudson Valley.



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