NaNoWriMo Day 2: 4140

4140 words down on paper (well bits stored in the computer, to be more accurate), and 45,860 more words to go. Today was a crazy-long work day, followed by a 3-mile run so I didn’t sit down to write until 8PM. I was thinking I didn’t know what to write today but the story took over and Iris guided me along her memories until I had not only met the daily goal but exceeded it (words in the bank for later!). Here is a bit from the work today:

As she entered the room, she recognized the white shock of hair, the bony, well-veined hand lying on top of the sheet.

Victor, she said softly, Victor?

He stirred at the sound but whether it was his name or her voice he was responding to, she couldn’t tell. She sat in the wooden chair next to the bed and gently took his hand. She spoke softly to him, telling him that she was there and she was going to stay a while before she had to catch her plane.

Sitting in that chair, near a large windowpane, Iris could hear planes flying overhead now and then. After a while she knew one of them must be hers, carrying everyone else back to America. Still, she continued to hold Victor’s hand and ever so often, speak his name and tell him something she had really liked about this day or that afternoon of the previous nine days.

Iris only realized it was evening when the nurse came in to pull the curtains closed.


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