September flowers

Opened the window blinds onto the patio today and realized how completely empty and boring it is to look out there. I made a note to do something with it, but then forgot about it until I parked at OSH, going to pick up a new cable for the TV. There, right in front of the store, were racks and racks of flowers, all 25% off. And so many purple-y ones. How could I resist?

I already had a lot of different pots, so I picked out some flowers, a couple bags of potting soil, and headed to the counter. Whoops, forgot what I came for originally, the cable thing. Quick trip back to the wiring aisle, the back to the checkout stand.

Got home and instead of taking a bit of a nap on the couch, I ended up potting all the flowers because I couldn’t wait to see how they would look on the patio. I like it so far, although I might try to stack them a little more to get different heights as they grow. But for now, the little patio is a lot better looking than it was this morning.


2 responses to “September flowers

  1. Love the purple. Saw a metal statue of a flying pelican today and thought of you.

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