Sunset view

It’s been one of those weeks, with today being “one of those days” when getting out of bed was just the first in a long series of things that could have gone the other way and that other way would have been preferable to the way it did go. We’re in pre-beta mode on my project and setting up the beta site has been a test of wills, luck, and fortitude. What was supposed to be done by end of day Monday is still not done as of end of day Wednesday (or “EOD Wed” as people write it). Classic situation of “one step forward, two steps back” or at least it feels that way.

After escaping from the office and fighting surprisingly heavy traffic for a 7PM drive home, I took a right instead of straight off the road home to spend a few minutes on the cliff overlooking my home beaches, Rio Del Mar and Seacliff. It was almost sunset, the air was cooling down, and the colors of the sky, the sound of the surf, relaxed me in a way nothing else can. I love where I live.


One response to “Sunset view

  1. I love where you live too.

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