Shedding the Shed

A while back, I complained (on Facebook, I think) about the condition of the yard across the street, where my redneck neighbors live. One of the things I listed was that they had a shed that was built to fit into the back of the guy’s pickup truck when it came time for them to pull up stakes and move on. How do I know that? Because he proudly told me that fact in the course of a conversation about something at some point in time.

Well, the time has come for moving on, they’ve bought a place in Oregon, and so the shed has to go. But he isn’t taking it with him, he sold it on Craigslist over the weekend.

As you can see by the photo, the guy was right, it is a pretty portable shed.  It probably would have fit just fine in the bed of his pickup truck, except that now he has a shiny new Toyota pickup (am I the only one that finds it funny that a conservative redneck kind of guy buys a Toyota and not a Ford or GM pickup?) and the shed might ruin the paint job.

Good thing he’s got a trailer he built out of spare parts. It was just the right size for the shed.


2 responses to “Shedding the Shed

  1. You know you’re a redneck when…

  2. herman.gilliland

    Oregon! how did he miss it in the first place? I thiink the expression is Birds of a feather.
    Love yer oldad

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