What my hairdresser knows for sure…

Shana’s been cutting my hair for a couple of years now, and together, we’re taking the journey to grow it out and let the natural color show. After years (okay, decades) of dyeing it various colors, I decided last fall that it was time to see how much silver (okay, gray) was really there. Turns out there was more silver than any other color and I’m liking how it looks. Every 7-8 weeks, I go see Shana for a trim, to shape the mane as it grows out. And every visit since February, she’s commented on how I look overall, as I have been slowly but steadily paring down the pounds that piled on in the last 15 years. I’m now down to the weight I was when I moved back to California 10 years ago, after a two-decade stint on the East Coast. I’m not finished with the weight-loss project but I’m currently 25 pounds less than I used to be and that’s a good milestone to celebrate.

Today, when I went in to get Shana to rein in the silvery chaos that is my hair, she flat-out told me to get some new jeans and dump the baggy look. “It’s time,” she said. I knew she was right because I could pull the jeans off without unzipping them. But then, these were my safe jeans; they fit me when little else in my closet did. They were, yes, my fat jeans. And it was time for them to go. I went to Kohls, the store of choice for cheap name-brand jeans, and tried on pair after pair. Those were too tight, these were too long, that pair didn’t fit right. I finally settled on a pair of Lee jeans that were 2 sizes smaller than the fat jeans; I probably could have gone down 3 sizes but that pair was a bit tight and I probably need to go down another 5 pounds before they really fit. Next month…

The fat jeans are now gone, banished to the Goodwill truck this afternoon, before I could change my mind and rescue them from the pile of too-big clothes that I had been storing in a big plastic bag. Goodbye, fat jeans, thanks for being there but I don’t need you any more. I’ve got a new pair of favorite jeans, ones that fit who I am now. And that’s a very good feeling.


7 responses to “What my hairdresser knows for sure…

  1. Rita L. Cognion

    Annie. Your hair’s not red? Or did I know you before the dyeing began?

    • Hi, Rita, my hair has been red, blonde, and every color between, I think. Naturally, it was light brown, at least I think it was because that’s the bit of non-silver left 🙂

  2. What great feedback you got! It is –by the way– the advice I give the women in my weight-loss program! YAY!!!

  3. Wonderful!!

  4. Way to go. Brave of you to part with the “comfort” jeans. No going back now. You are my inspiration.

  5. Deanne, my hair person, has tons of tattoos, and her hair is usually pink, purple, or blue. There is *no* way she’s going gray. Lots of grey-haired women in Portland have green or purple or blue streaks. Gives new meaning to the words ‘blue-hair set’ 🙂 Me, I’m staying pink/yellow/magenta brown until i get bored.

  6. “Not I,” said the slow, old man. “I don’t have enough to color.”

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