Dive, Dive, Dive

Another evening run, another 10 minute-stop to watch the pelicans gliding above the sardine pool, then hovering before they dive straight down to get their dinner.

It’s an amazing thing to watch and even harder to catch with a camera, at least the little one I run with. (It is kind of hard to run with a DSLR, that body is way too big for holding in one hand.) I took a couple dozen shots tonight and liked this one the best because it’s the first time I’ve ever caught a pelly as he was stretched out in dive position just above the surface of the water. It shows how flexible they are, first to hover in mid-air and be able to look down and spot the prey, then transform themselves into speeding bullets with pin-point accuracy.

Did you know pelicans have air sacs just beneath their skin that help them surface quickly after a dive. Yes, they do! And they can sight a fish in water from 50 feet high or more. Amazing bird, the pelican!


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