Polka Dot

At work, they make it easy to recycle and hard to trash something. At your desk, you get a Recycle plastic can and a smaller Compost plastic can. In the kitchen, you get Recycle and Compost bins. In some kitchens, you also get a Trash can, but not in all the kitchens, for some reason. Conference rooms, guaranteed, get the trifecta: Compost, Recycle, and Trash.

So today, when I needed a trash can because power bar wrappers are not compostable or recyclable, I happened to be in a kitchen that didn’t have a Trash can. But since all conference rooms do, I headed out in search of an unused conference room. That alone is usually a thankless task, since the company is overly enamoured of meetings, meetings, bloody meetings (to quote an old John Cleese training film on how to make meetings not so bloody).

Lucky for me, it was just before lunchtime (the sacred hour of 12 Noon to 1PM, when people are loath to schedule meetings) and the Polka Dot conference room was open. So I threw away my wrapper and took a quick photo of the room’s most outstanding decoration: two red polka dot dresses.

Given the decor, I bet this conference room is the last one booked on the floor. Me, I’d book it just to annoy everyone who had to live with the dresses for an hour. It might even make the meeting go faster because people would want to escape from the dots. That’s it, the Polka Dot conference room is now #1 on my  list for meetings.


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